Healthy Tamales for the 21st Century

★ Mission ★

Our mission is to create delicious premium Mexican tamales that are low in saturated fat, nutritious, easy to eat and good for the planet.

★ Values ★

Can you be good to food before you eat it? We believe the answer is "Yes". Buying a product that best reflects your values in animal husbandry and land stewardship is one way to be good to your environment and fellow human beings.

Our formula is easy: Use high quality organic and humanely raised ingredients, work to reduce our carbon footprint, and encourage our local businesses to
provide wholesome ingredients.

Sometimes it doesn't make sense to use organic ingredients shipped from across the globe if we're trying to reduce costs and fossil fuel use.

By creating our own recipes with ecologically sound substitutes, we won't compromise your pocketbook or taste. Our organic corn meal 'masa' is non-GMO. We don't use lard in our tamales and they are naturally wheat gluten-free.

★ Vision ★

To create the natural food industry's #1 organic tamales
in balance with our environmental values.


Order via e-mail or call:

Pick up at our Boulder commissary kitchen
(delivery available)